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Rev. Caerlion
This website has been put together to offer the gifts of Rev.Caerlion to you, all in one place.

She started her walk to healing back in the 70's after belonging to loving parents that were very strict and full of religion.

Not totally believing in their walk and after leaving home and being on her own she realized while raising her son she had major issues, stemming from the religious home she was raised in.

Searching for answers after 10 yrs she stumbled onto some information that led her to begin honoring the day she was living in.

Through her studies she learned to accept what she couldn't change and began changing what she could.

She married for the third time, and continued her esoteric studies, forgiving the pain, and learning about people through astrology, then one day she started working in an Esoteric store, and began learning more, She learned Reiki, and her journey to healing moved forward. Soon she began expanding her education and gaining more knowledge and has been working with people now for a very long time.

Through reading and learning another way with Neale Donald Walsch's books "Conversations with God 1,2 and 3" her eyes became open and aware of what was really is, and expected, and also how to be more accepting of things,and people,how to change things and bringing those changes in her life.

Also learned how to forgive herself and others, and allow the joys that were meant to be in her life, come in.

Now Rev. Caerlion wishes to help others with her experience, and wealth of knowledge,through this website to reach out further into the earth and touch your life and wishes each of you joy in your hearts, and happiness in your souls.

Healing Hands


The Healer
Rev. Caerlion gives healing such as Reiki, Shanti Healing and Sound Healing as another way to bring wellness into your being.  Through this process the healer helps the healee, come to terms with/and or release issues that cause "Dis-Ease" again, brought on by emotions, feelings, words, etc.
She also works with you in Past Life Regressions, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy, and Cell Memory Release and Soul Retrieval for  more in depth therapies.

 Alternative Wellness

Alternative Wellness is using other kinds of resources to bring your physical being into a balanced, wellness state.  This might be substances from nature such as; Essential oils, Stones, Gemstone Essences, & herbs, just to mention a few.  Other ways to bring wellness into your being is through your thought processes.  How you think of yourself is how you feel in the physical body.  Changing your thoughts into a more positive idea, brings wellness to you.
She offers these things to you through her store

Alternative Wellness
Rainbow Angel


Rev. Caerlion offers Classes individual or group. Reiki Classes can be taught individually, either by email, or one on one.

Workshops scheduled periodically. 

IIndividual health consultation available to teach one how to care and treat ones self for whole health.

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