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Rev. Caerlion has worked with many individuals from all walks of life, to help bring peace into each person's life, using a variety of therapeutic techniques including ie, Life Advisory, Reiki, Past Life Regression,Medical Intuitive, Grief Therapy to name a few..

She also works with those that are grieving to bring them to a better understanding and acceptance over their loss. And helps those that have had trauma in their lives, either from childhood or adulthood.   Each person has finished their work with Caerlion in a much better space and much more at peace.

She has spent a lot of time grooming her gifts, furthering her education to have more knowledge about the gifts she was given.

Keeping in mind the many people throughout the world that have needed her. She has had the pleasure of working with people around the world from South Africa to the US. over a 10 yr period, and is ready and willing to work with you, for the asking.

She has specialized in working with "Pain", either Physical and/or Spiritual .   When your spirit is in Dis-ease, the body takes on Disease. 

As an Aromatherapist, She has created a line of pain creams to help with the pain in the body, and also offers the different therapies to help with the spirit's Dis-ease and the physical pain that you may be experiencing from it.

Rev. Caerlion is a 

  • Life Advisor
  • Medium
  • Channeled Reader
  • Energy Reader
  • Intuitive Advisor
  • Doctorate in Healing
  • Meta-physician,
  • Grand Reiki Master -22
  • Sound Healer
  • Multidimensional Healer
  • Master Light Weaver
  • Grief Counselor
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Spiritual Counselor 
  • Angel Facilitator
  • Aromatherapist
  • Communicator for Pets & Animal

Please feel free to contact her for an appointment today.

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