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An advisor is normally a person with more and deeper knowledge in a specific area and usually also includes persons with cross functional and multidisciplinary expertise. An advisor's role is that of a mentor or guide and differs categorically from that of a task specific consultant. An advisor is typically part of the leadership, where as consultants fulfill functional roles.

Here in the advisory section I offer several types of advisory services find the one that fits your needs, we have made these services available and affordable.

Here is a list of descriptions of the Advisory services I offer.  Understand all sessions MUST have an appointment time and date.  Please make sure you send me an email with you name and phone number so I may connect with you and set up your appointment.  You will receive a receipt once purchased and I will get a notice. Thank you, Caerlion

I am no longer affiliated with paypal, so you can have a phone session and we can take your payment by phone.  Thank you.

Life Advisory:

A "Life Adviser" is a person who is sensitive to energies. This sensitivity gives the adviser access to abilities such as knowing the future, reading someone's energies or understanding another person's emotions intuitively. Most advisers will work off of someone's voice vibration to attain the information needed, or senses the energies of the person's Aura, or Etheric Body.

Caerlion has been a Life Advisor for over 25 yrs, she has been told she is 95% on target.  She has been a reader for people all over the world, and is a good choice for your answers.  Please have your questions ready for your appointment with her.


Life Advisor: 30 min. $35.00
                     60 mn   $65.00
1.50 per min after
Please call fo an appointment. 575.562.0186
Orange Rose
Life Advisor: 30 min. $35.00
                     60 mn   $65.00
                                  $1.50 per min after.
Please call for an appointment. 575.562.0186
Channeled energy

Channeled Reading:

There is a difference between a psychic reading and a psychic channeled reading, although most people are probably unaware of what makes each distinct. In both cases, information that the reader would have no way of otherwise knowing is conveyed, but each involves a different process.

Psychic Reading:

The average person has five senses, which include hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight. Psychic readers, however, have what many refer to as a ‘sixth sense’ or ESP (extra sensory perception). They are able to tap into a person’s energy and give them information based on what they have perceived. Another way of describing a psychic reading is the ability to give information and advice based on uncommonly strong intuition. Many readers are born with the ability to ‘read’ people, and some are able to do so after intense training.
Psychic readings can be done using several tools. There are tarot cards, where the reader uses a set of playing cards that date back to the 15th century to answer specific questions or give a person information about the direction of their life in general. Some conduct clairvoyant readings, where they use images in their own mind to give the client information about something or someone in their life. Numerology is also a frequently used tool, meaning that the reader can use numbers such as a birth date to give an accurate description of a client’s personality and life circumstances.

Psychic Channeled Reading

Whereas psychic readings are based on the reader’s perception of a person’s energy, psychic channeling involves a person or object being used as a vessel to bring forth information from another entity. People often seek the services of psychic channel's, who are commonly referred to as mediums, when trying to communicate with someone who has passed away. Mediums are able to connect with any type of thing or being in the spirit realm. The channeler serves as the connection between the physical world and the spirit world. Channeling can occur when the reader is aware of what is happening, but it can also occur when the reader is experiencing a state of suspended consciousness.

Caerlion has been a channeled reader for over 35 yrs, and channels her readings, with the questions you have available. Working off the voice vibration you have, to answer the questions you are interested asking about. Sometimes in the course of the reading "Creator" will come through with a message for you.  This is not a guarantee that the message will be there. When there is, you are blessed.

Please have your questions ready.  Send me an email with your Name and phone number and then we can set up a time and date.

Life Advisor: 60 min. $ 92.00
                     90 min $128.00
                       2 hr.   $174.00
Please call fo an appointment. 575.562.0186
Past Life Reading

This is where I psychically read for you any past life that is most relevant to your current life. A past life reading can be used to explore this life's events and relationships to those you know now, and how you were connected in past lives. A past life reading can bring understanding and clarity into some issues that seem to be blocking your progress in living joyously.

A past life reading differs from a past life regression in that, you will be the receiver of the information and not a participant as in a hypnosis process. A past life reading is a less subjective experience, and is a way for those who have a hard time relaxing, trusting and letting go into hypnosis, and yet at the same time can still gain understanding, and knowledge of who they have been in past lives.

In a past life reading, you can ask about those you have known in this life and what your relationship has been to them in previous life times, either positive or negative.  If you have any fears, phobias, that are unexplained as to why you have them in this life time they may be due to past life experiences.  Sometimes ones addictions can be related to events, beliefs in past lives; in looking into these past events and experiences they can bring awareness to the situation and a letting go of those addictions.



RealmReader Logo


  • Have you ever felt like you don't belong here? 
  • Wonder why your so different from your family?
  • Think maybe your an alien or from another planet?
  • Feel like you have a mission?
  • Wonder why your the "odd duck"?
  • Find your gifts make you different from the other ones?
  • Drawn to helping others?
  • Feel like you have to protect?
  • Always being told you you play to much?
  • Have a Fear of Water?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will find a
"Realm Reading" Very beneficial to you and give you a vast amount of knowledge that will make you feel So Much Better.

A Realm Reading will tell you where you are from Originally, and why your the Odd Duck, why you don't seem to Fit In. Why you like the things you do, what your life purpose is, and what to look for in Relationships, and so much more, also it will  validate you, and the feeling just can't be measured.

Caerlion is a certified Realm Reader by Doreen Virtue, and can help you with who you are, and why you are. .You will also get a general reading of your journey and path.

The readings require you to send a picture of yourself, and fill out a questioner. you can send that to



Blended Realms




 Animal Communication: $65

(30 Minutes by phone of in person with pets)

Animal communication is an ability to connect with an animal through intuition, vision and spiritual guidance.  The communication can be shared as words, pictures, visions of a past experience and body language.  An animal’s energetic vibration is higher than a human beings, so the Animal Communicator must raise their vibration and the animal will lower its vibration so the two can then communicate.

Caerlion has been an animal communicator for most of her life. She has been practicing for 13 years.


Ever After

Medium:  $99.00 per session

(1 Hour by Phone) or in person by Appointment Only

A medium is a person through whom the spirits of the dead are said to be able to contact the living. These people may often be referred to as a channel since they act as a conduit for the spirits of the dead.  Some people have difficulty accepting someone has passed on.  This is a way to connect to see if they are ok, if they are still near them.  It also allows people those that have passed on as well as the living to make closure to things the needed to be finished.

Please have your questions ready.  Send me an email with your Name and phone number and then we can set up a time and date.

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