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Certificate of Ordination
In this section of the website we are offering the services Rev. Caerlion. Here is where you can offer services for your family, and personal needs, such as Officiating your wedding, or commitment ceremony, maybe renewing your vows to one another, of just doing a house blessing, or clearing. As a Minister I also will help a loved one cross over more peacefully using energetic methods, such as Reiki, A Healing energy of Gods Love.




 Book a Wedding with Rev. Caerlion $128.00

Rev. Caerlion is a Non Denominational Minister, she is non judgmental with whom she marry's or does a commitment ceremony with as long as she can see and know there is love between the couple.  Caerlion has been an ordained minister since 1997, and and ordained Minister of Inner Journey Ministries since 2004.
She has performed many weddings, and works closely with the couple several times before the wedding, being a wedding consultant many years ago, she has the skills to help with the planning of the ceremony, she works closely with the bride and groom creating the vows they wish to share with each other, as well as helping with the wedding party to get their march and placement down.
She has helped with decorating the halls, as well as in the churches. 
If you wish to be married out of town she will go where you wish within the same state for an added fee of round trip money for Gasoline.  If you wish to be out of state, you will need to add to her clergy fee, a round trip airplane ticket.


Wedding Bouquet
  1. Minister
  2. Choice of Ceremony
  3. Choice of vows
  4. Certificate of Marriage Suitable for framing
  5. Keepsake Ceremony Suitable for Framing
  6. Keepsake Vows Suitable for Framing

"The Honey Do" $60.00
Caerlion's second choice of weddings is a small wedding, it's just a simple ceremony. 
Wedding flowers
This includes your vows to one another and a signed license.  If she supplies witnesses then it is another $40.00 ( All Weddings must have two wittnesses)
Vow Renewal $128.00

  For many couples, vow renewal ceremonies are very personal, and repeating new romantic wedding vows is a way for couples to express to each other that they are still so in love that they would marry each other all over again or that their love has deepened because of an event that they recently came through and in the process have realized a deeper appreciation for one another.

And what better way to express that love and appreciation than by renewing your vows. 


  1. Minister
  2. Choice of Ceremony
  3. Choice of vows
  4. Certificate of Marriage Suitable for framing
  5. Keepsake Ceremony Suitable for Framing
  6. Keepsake Vows Suitable for Framing
Vow Renewal

 Funerals/ Memorials

Are you planning a funeral service or memorial service for your loved one? Reverend Caerlion Arthur, Roswell, New Mexico Minister and Officiant, offers a caring, professional presence for funeral services to be held in the Greater Houston area. Allow us to help you select the right inspirational wording to honor your loved one.

Minister for funeral services

The memorial service is an important part in the funeral service planning. Funeral homes typically do not include an Officiant or minister to deliver the eulogy for your family member or close personal friend. Reverend Caerlion Arthur presides over the funeral and internment and offers nondenominational funeral readings for those families that may not be affiliated with a particular house of worship.

Our Funeral Services

We assist you in making a memorable tribute. We plan the funeral reading in a way that reflects the beliefs, the life and the wishes of your dearly departed. Working together, we customize the celebration of your loved one’s life by helping you select funeral poems, prayers, and inspirational verses. We speak on behalf of your family to deliver a beautiful and dignified service to appropriately commemorate the life of a loved one who has passed away.

The minister you choose to conduct the service will play a large part in shaping the overall sentiment of the funeral service. We realize the importance of choosing a minister that will compassionately accommodate your needs.

Contact us or call today at 575.562.0186; Let us walk you through this difficult time in your life. You will find our cost comparable to other minister services in the greater Houston area.

Funerals help us to cope with the reality that a loved one has passed away. It provides a place for family and friends to come together to remember and celebrate the life of the dearly departed. Whether it was unexpected or anticipated, death is a part of life that we are never prepared for and shouldn’t have to experience alone.

Importance of Bereavement Support
Grief is our body’s natural way of healing our emotional injuries. It is an emotional, mental, and physical condition that is brought on by significant loss or the death of someone you love. While it is a personal process, many times the assistance of friends, loved ones, a spiritual guide, or a grief counselor is needed. Please do not hesitate to seek help from outside sources. It is important to heal your emotional injuries to ensure your mental health for yourself and for those that love and care about you.

Free Phone Consultation
Please contact me for a complimentary phone consultation and let’s find the right words to create a fitting tribute to your loved one. It is an honor to provide your funeral services needs in a way that brings piece and comfort to you, your family and to the friends of your loved one.




Funeral Spray

Please Email Rev Caerlion  For Service arrangements.



Angel Heart
House Clearing and Blessings
Energetic House Clearing will rid your home of negative energy and bring peace, harmony and balance into your life.
Rid your home of negative energy due to earth energies such as vortexs, underground water or wet & dry Faults. Predecessor energy such as divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, anger, death or ghost and spirits that are bothering you. The ancient arts of Ghost Clearing (spirit releasing)House Clearing, Energy Clearing,and Dowsing and  are all tools I use to rid your home, office or business of unwanted negative energy. They are tools to help you.
We have all walked into a home or business and felt like we wanted to leave or were immediately uncomfortable. You might even feel flu like symptoms in places, or around people who make you feel uncomfortable. We sometimes decide not to buy or rent a home or apartment because we don't like the way they "feel."  Noxious energy vortexes or earth energies can make you feel sick, angry and confused. Then we have predecessor energy, if you move into a home where there was divorce or a business that failed it is likely you will take on that energy. Energy-Shifting can help you get a clean start. It is energetic clutter clearing.

All of these are reasons we need Energy Clearing in our lives. Removing these unwanted vibrations and emotions is what Energy-Shifting is all about. Through the use of Energy-Shifting you will be able to improve and balance the atmosphere in your home office or workplace.

We work with the Paranormal but do more than investigate, we will help release the spirits or ghost that are causing the activity. We believe in ghosts and do not need to prove them to anyone. Many people have experiences with"Ghosts" , entities or thought forms . You might  feel a coldness in a room. The hair on the back of your neck stands up.There can be unusual smells, sounds or events that take place. My team and I are skilled in knowing the difference between these energies and helping trapped souls to cross in a gentle and kind way.

What we complete with the cleansing and blessing of your home is:
  • Remove Spirits that have intent to harm
  • Close all portals
  • Smudge
  • Tone
  • Place protective grids above all beds
  • Send Spirits to the light,that wish to go
  • Bless home with Oils

We also can place protection around the outside perimeter of your home which is an optional

For a cost and more information please email Rev. Caerlion Or phone 575.562.0186

 Transitional Aide


As a Reiki Master, I have found that it is very helpful to those that are Terminal, or in the process of Crossing over into their next journey of the soul.
I offer my services not only to help them cross over peacefully but also to help the families cope with the whole process as well as accepting the loss of the loved one.
Death is a natural part of our process here on this earth, however it is one of the hardest things we have to cope with, as far as letting go is concerned
I believe that the process for the one dying should be a peaceful one, and I, being an energy handler/reader have found it easy to help them cope with accepting crossing over and moving forward into their new life.
I am available in the Roswell Vacinity to help families with their loved ones during this time. You may email me, or call to find out more information about this process, and how to accommodate your family.

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