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 Do You...

  1. Find yourself tired all the time?
  2. Find yourself saying, or have ever said, "I have never been the same since...that (experience) happened"?
  3. Feel you have no purpose in life?
  4. Have you tried traditional medicine, but it doesn't seem to help solve your problem?
  5. Are you "reacting" the same way to the same set of circumstances over and over and over again?
  6. Have phobias or strong fears about things, you have tried to overcome but can't?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions...
Then it's time to break out of your "RUT", and create a new set of rules BY TAKING BACK YOUR LIFE...

Medical Practitioners have discovered that there is more to Dis-Ease then the physical body, and have discovered that many medical therapies do not always heal or bring healing to the body, and that spiritual health and knowledge is imperative to know in order to find success in the healing.
This is why Alternative Healing has become a great source to wellness.

Are your children...

  • Are extremely artistic and creative
  • Prefer vegetarian meals and juices to "regular food"
  • May be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance.
If you have children that meet any of the criteria on the list, and you have trouble understanding them or would like to know more about them.  Then Ask Caerlion is the place to come.  She can help you and your children, grow into a wellness family and guide your children into their true purpose.

Animal Wellness

I work with animals too.  They also carry with them idea's and have a tendency to create dis-ease for themselves through their own thoughts or through programming.
Animals are welcome .  Caerlion offers Reiki Healing, behavior conditioning, alternative wellness through environmental sources, communication.

On this page I offer beginning area's of healing and if none of these treatments are what you need, check out my  Wellness Therapy Page.   Understand all session MUST have an appointment time and date.
Auric Field Repair Per session $29.00

There are some people that are so intuitive to their surroundings that it is a constant struggle to survive in the world.  They can go into a room where a couple had a fight and can just feel terrible negative energies there.  Some sensitive people can examine an object such as jewelry (worn by others for years) and know their life was filled with stress or sadness.

Other people can pick up the negative vibrations from the food they eat and note that the chief was angry while preparing that meal.  And still other people will feel that negative entities are “attacking” them or draining away their energy.

Why does this happen? 

While part of this ability is a result of meditative practice, the other part is having a very weak constitution.

When your internal subtle-body is not strong or toned, you are more vulnerable to negative energies and outside influences.  A good healer can “see” with their high sensory perception, that the client has one large hole in their aura or many tiny ones all over.  In scientific terms, this would mean that your nervous system is damaged.  In spiritual terms, the channels or chakras are broken and in need of repair.

Some ways that will cause you to have major damage (holes) in your aura are:

  • physical and sexual abuse
  • substance and drug abuse
  • vaccines and medical prescriptions (By Dharma)
Auric Field


Chakra man
Chakra Balancing  $25.00 per session, In person

Balancing your chakras improves your health and wellbeing, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Anyone can learn how to do this and experience a long-lasting feeling of well-being every day of their lives. 

Chakras are wheels of light located all over our body.  We have thousands of them in our body but the seven major ones are located along our spine from its base to the crown of the head. Each chakra is represented by a colour of the rainbow -  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. 

  • Crown Chakra - Top of Head - Violet
  • Third Eye/Brow Chakra  - Above & between eyebrows  - Indigo
  • Throat Chakra - Base of throat - Blue
  • Heart Chakra - Centre of chest - Green
  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Just above navel - Yellow
  • Sacral Chakra - Just below navel - Orange
  • Root/Base Chakra - Base of spine - Red

Chakras are like the power stations of our body, bringing it to life, and keeping it healthy. Each chakra is associated with different parts of us and they need to spin totally in balance for us to feel good. 

The chakras absorb energy that comes from our thoughts, feelings and outside environment and feed this to our body.    Our body is affected by the quality of the energy that passes through the chakras.  For instance, if we have negative feelings, we will be filtering negative energy through our chakras and into our body  Over time this can make our body ill. Our chakras also absorb energy from the environment.  Other people's negative emotions or a room full of clutter will produce an unhealthy energy which we absorb. 

We can balance your chakra's and help you maintain balance within you for a healthier life.
Negative Energy Removal 
                  $325.00 for 6 sessions

Many people experience bad luck and seem to always be taking one step forward and three steps back. They seem to be the very opposite to King Midas with everything they touch turning not to gold but to dust. Many of these people believe themselves to be cursed or hexed. This can be a genuine belief that a Witch, Gypsy or Spell Caster has placed a bad luck curse upon them or their family. Or it can be the only plausible reason they can find as to why they continually suffer such bad luck.

We are all aware of the Law of Attraction and how good luck, fortune, love and happiness follows 'lucky' positive people and how bad luck, financial ruin and misery sticks to the negative 'unlucky'. But keeping constantly positive, uplifted and bright in spirit to be open to opportunities is very difficult when you have lost your job, your lover or your reason for living. This is where what some people term a 'Curse Removal Spell' or "Negative Energy Removal can be the answer.

Bad energy takes more then once to remove, It has to come off in layers, since we do not know what words were said, or why someone said it. 

I believe we are the custodian of our own outcomes and we can take the steps to regain control of our existence without the help of another.

It takes 6 sessions to completely remove negative energy, each session is 65.00 it takes anywhere from 1-2 hours each time working with you either by phone or in person.  

Once we reach the final session you will begin a 7 day bath, for cleanse and renewal.


Divine Connection

 Connecting You to Your Angel(s)

$65.00 45 min

 In life we find ourselves at times, feeling alone, and in despair, When we can connect with our own guiding and guardian angels, it brings in a feeling of not being alone, and hope, so we can begin to see where we need to go, and find the guidance to what we need to be doing, or make the right choice for ourselves.

Caerlion has the ability to find who your angels are, and help you connect with them.

 Medical Intuitive: $91.00

    (1 hour by phone or in person)

 A medical intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses their self described intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. Other terms for this practice include medical clairvoyant, medical psychic or intuitive counselor.   A medical intuitive may determine areas of concern from a holistic health practitioner's point of view and make recommendations in regards to physical or psychological evaluation through a qualified health professional and give advice on general nutritional or life-style changes.

Caerlion has been a medical intuitive for about 15 yrs. She has help many people offset things that could have been worse then they turned out.  She also recommends herbal solutions too when working in your energetic body.


Medical Intuitive


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